BLAST Spiritual DNA

As in the natural, family genes are inherited from mothers and fathers.  The same is true for BLAST.  The particular genes, or Family DNA, that characterize BLAST as taught and imparted by Alan Vincent are as follows:


“Gap-Standing” intercession, effective, powerful prayer, and spiritual warfare; prayer centers established in the spirit of David’s tabernacle


the expression of extravagant and passionate worship of God with a “David’s heart” and where freedom, joy, and His Presence are seen as vital dimensions of Christian life

David’s Tabernacle

establishing regional centers for prayer and worship to cry out to God with one voice to establish His Kingdom


zealous commitment to reaping the great end-time harvest


understanding and declaring what God is saying to His people and what God is doing on earth

Kingdom Advancement

governed by and seeking to bring kingdom principles, morals, and ethics to all facets of our society

A Warrior Spirit 

committed to unrelenting war with the devil and his hosts, to overthrow him and drive him out of our cities, nations, and communities


A people of the unrelenting faith of God, believing nothing is impossible – “The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits”  (Daniel 11:32).

Sound Finances

integrity and excellence in personal and ministerial financial management; having sufficiency for ourselves and an abundance for every good work throughout the world

Generational Ministry

where there is deliberate activity to foster the generational transfer of anointing and wisdom and where youth and children are trained to be powerful witnesses and prayer warriors both within and outside of the local church

Building Spiritual Cities

working to bring church leaders in a city into unity through relationships of heart so that the body of Christ in a city prays, worships, and speaks with “one accord,” thus impacting the natural, governmental, and spirit realms over a city/community.