Apostle Alan Vincent

Alan Vincent is an anointed apostle who teaches with God-given revelation, imparting faith to people all over the world.  As one who models the Father-heart of God, he is a true father to the body of Christ, helping pastors and churches step into the full measure of God’s calling for them.

Before he and his wife Eileen were converted in 1958, Alan was a successful scientist who called himself an atheist.  After meeting Jesus, however, both Alan and Eileen’s lives radically changed.  Within weeks, they heard the call to serve God in India, and five years later — with one small child and Eileen pregnant with the next — they left for the mission field.  They spent the next 13 years pioneering the work of God in and around Bombay, where they saw thousands saved.  They then relocated their family to Hertfordshire, England and established churches there until God called them to move to San Antonio in 1991.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, “Even though you have ten thousand instructors in Christ, you do not have many fathers…” Alan Vincent is one of those rare fathers.  He provides apostolic fathering to many leaders, younger apostolic men, churches and organizations worldwide.  As he teaches the scriptures with prophetic revelation, many are brought to a deeper maturity in Kingdom living and service.  Everything he teaches is shot through with faith. He leaves his hearers challenged to think, be and act bigger, appropriating all God has for them.  Through his powerfully anointed teaching and relationship-based ministry, cities and regions around the world have been influenced.  Alan has historic relationships in such places as India, Poland, Kenya, Nairobi, Austria, England, Botswana, Zambia, and many US cities.  As was said of the Apostle Paul, the same may be said of Alan Vincent, “…my way of life in Christ Jesus … agrees with what I teach everywhere in every church.”

Franz Lippi

Franz Lippi had radical conversion in 1978 and was part of the founding team of Exousia Christian Fellowship in Graz / Austria of which he became the senior Pastor in 1988. He is trained also as an electronic engineer and worked bivocational til 2001. In March 1999 he had a significant encounter with the Lord Himself that resulted in an apostolic commission to South-East Europe and beyond. In 2000 he founded with confirmation from his spiritual father Alan vIncent, a senior Apostle the B.L.A.S.T. team which is an acronym for Balkan Loving Apostolic Serving Team which he leads to this day. He is married 37 years to his wife Gerlinde, loves Christ, the Word, the „secret place in prayer like Matt 6:6“, fathering, Christ centered teaching and is sometimes called into specific spiritual warfare assignments from the Lord. His desire is for the body of Christ come into true unity in the Lord and for a glorious, victorious church to come forth. He ministers in Europe, Africa, India, USA – altogether in about 20 nations regularly.



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